The credit card market is overrun with options. With so many different credit cards out there, each with their promises and different services, it can be extremely confusing to figure out which one to choose. Trying to research all of the different card options out there can be a nerve-racking job ? who has the time to go through all of that hassle just to find a decent credit card? If you are looking for a good, fair, decent, no frills credit card, then the Providian credit card may be right for you. This is a simple credit card for people who simply want a card they can use to charge their purchase and pay off over time without being charged outlandish fees and without having to navigate a complicated system.

Providian Credit Card Review
Providian Bank is one of the most popular credit card issuing banks in America. Providian is known as a company that anyone could apply for a Providian credit card since it was known as a company that offered cards to those who could not be approved for credit from the more major companies. The Providian financial credit card was offered to those with low incomes and bad credit histories; they are providing a financial solution to these groups of people by offering credit, but at high interest rates.

At one time, the Providian credit card company was one of the leading issuers of credit cards in the United Sates, with more than 10 million cardholders and ranked the ninth largest credit card issuer. The service offered by Providian credit cards has become even better recently, however, since the merger of Providian Bank with Washington Mutual Bank.

These tactics brought major Providian credit card debt to those granted Providian credit cards, because they could find no way to getting ahead, as they spent little the interest rate would climb. In an attempt to get ahead, they all too often fall further behind.

Providian collaboration with Washington Mutual
In October 2005, Providian was sold to Washington Mutual for $6.5 million. As part of the ?WaMu? family, the former Providian credit card company has been renamed Washington Mutual Card Services and now markets the Providian Credit Card until the Washington Mutual name. When accessing Providian credit card online information, you will automatically be taken to the ?WaMu? site to conduct your transactions and receive information on your account. Their site offers a list of the different cards available, including affinity cards including ESPN, HSN and the Democratic national Committee.

When you fill out a Providian credit card application it is important to note that with the recent merger with ?WaMu,? some changes may occur. It is the hope of these two companies that by bringing together the knowledge and technology they can service customers better. There are no expected issues when signing in to use the available customer services for the Providian Credit card. As the two companies have merged together to make their buildings more appealing and user friendly, they do know that there are customers who are more comfortable banking online. For these customers the availability or services in the bank branches are also available online. Whether you need to speak with customer service specialist, find a phone number or the company address they can be easily found with the click of the mouse, In addition, researching the different credit cards available as well as making a Providian credit card payment online are easy and secure.

How Does The Washington Mutual Merger Affect Me?
If you already have a Providian National Bank credit card, the Washington Mutual merger will not change much for you. Your payment schedule and the terms of your credit card agreement will remain the same. However, now your payments can be made to any Washington Mutual location and you will deal with Washington Mutual customer service for any service related issues.

How Do I Apply For A Providian Credit Card?
You can apply for a Providian credit card on the Providian website or on the Washington Mutual website. You can also manage your Providian credit card debt online and make Providian credit card payments. If you're not sure which Providian credit card is right for you, you can check out some customer reviews, like Providian platinum credit card reviews, to see which card best suits your needs. These reviews will also alert you to any potential customer service problems associated with Providian credit cards.